RBC Comments Restored!

Some years ago, the RBC site was redesigned and tens of thousands of comments disappeared. Some readers were upset and a few emailed conspiracy theories (e.g., that Mark had deleted them all on purpose for some reason).

But it was just a technical glitch that no one could fix. As everyone can see, the site’s tech has been revamped again. And I just now noticed that all those comments are back with us again.

The world would have survived either way, but reading through some old ones made me realize how many thoughtful, informed, challenging — and sometimes as well very funny — comments have been made on this site over the years and I am glad to have them in the archive again.

Author: Keith Humphreys

Keith Humphreys is the Esther Ting Memorial Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University and an Honorary Professor of Psychiatry at Kings College London. His research, teaching and writing have focused on addictive disorders, self-help organizations (e.g., breast cancer support groups, Alcoholics Anonymous), evaluation research methods, and public policy related to health care, mental illness, veterans, drugs, crime and correctional systems. Professor Humphreys' over 300 scholarly articles, monographs and books have been cited over thirteen thousand times by scientific colleagues. He is a regular contributor to Washington Post and has also written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Monthly, San Francisco Chronicle, The Guardian (UK), The Telegraph (UK), Times Higher Education (UK), Crossbow (UK) and other media outlets.

4 thoughts on “RBC Comments Restored!”

  1. I really don’t understand why some sites have terrible comments and some excellent ones. RBC was always in the latter group. (Slate’s okay, Nymag is terrible, The Toast was one of the best, Metafilter’s pretty good, YouTube is on occasion nonawful, what’s the pattern?)

    1. Yes, we had a virus since expunged, shouldn’t be any more of this. Thanks.

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