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Huckabee v. Romney for the 2012 GOP nomination?

With Palin out, is the 2012 GOP nomination contest going to come down to Romney v. Huckabee?

I was hoping for Palin as the nominee; I thought the flake factor would give Obama a very good shot at a landslide. Romney, creepy as he is, is a more plausible Presidential candidate. But I’m not sure he can take Huckabee head-to-head.

This could turn into a real knock-down, drag-out fight. Huckabee is likely to emerge as the favorite of the God faction of the God-and-Mammon party, but he makes the Mammonites really, really nervous.

If it came down to the GOP base, Huckabee might pull it off anyway, but with no contest on the Democratic side a bunch of moderate-minded independents in open-primary states may take GOP ballots. But would the Christianist base hold still for Romney? Would the money-cons allow Romney to put Huckabee in the second slot?

Footnote This assumes that Palin now can’t get the nomination. But she might still be able to mount enough of a campaign to split the ignoramus wing that Huckabee would otherwise own.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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