Quote unfortunately too long for a campaign button

Obama is not a brown-skinned, anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare. You’re thinking of Jesus.

— John Fugelsang

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Author: Kelly Kleiman

Kelly Kleiman is a freelance writer on the arts, feminism, travel and social justice. Her reportage and essays have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Christian Science Monitor, among other dailies; in magazines, including In These Times and Dance; in the alternative press; on the BBC; and on Chicago Public Radio, where she’s one of the “Dueling Critics” and a contributor to the Onstage Backstage theater blog. She is also a consultant to charities and editor and publisher of The Nonprofiteer, a blog about charity, philanthropy and nonprofit management. She holds undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Chicago.

6 thoughts on “Quote unfortunately too long for a campaign button”

  1. This would support raving about how Obama is the anti-Christ. Of course, if people want to get excited and think Obama is the anti-Christ I guess they can go ahead and do that. As far as I know, only one person has tried to assassinate Obama because of that opinion, and the attempt was so ridiculous it barely counts as one.

  2. Yes we can. Obama is not a swarthy pacifist who gives free health care. That’s Jesus.

    OK people will need our Obamacare prescription glasses to read it, but I for one am willing to squint for him (no not for Him, He can damn well make me see without glasses if He wants me to read about Him, I meant Obama).

    Of course I can’t help adding words back as in Obama is not a foreign born swarthy pacifist who gives away free health care. That would be Jesus.

  3. How exactly does Jesus’ status as “a brown-skinned, anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare” reflect positively on a brown skinned, (arguably) pro-war corporatist whose health insurance program will be anything but free?

    1. Despite a suspicion that I disagree with the underlying sentiment of this, I think that it’s basically right. I would change it to something along the lines of:

      You know who else supported socialized medicine for the poor? Jesus.

  4. Was Jesus a socialist? Not really. He just despised the rich. His economic practice was communist not socialist, just sharing things freely and trusting in God to balance the books.
    But the free healthcare is spot on.

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