Why is Allawi visiting now?

Has anyone come up with even a half-plausible reason for bringing Iyad Allawi to Washington now, rather than after the election, other than to make him a campaign surrogate for George W. Bush? The Congress doesn’t have any Iraq-related business to do before recess.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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2 thoughts on “Query”

  1. Allawi appears different in USA and EUrope

    On Dutch television with some surprise I noticed that Iraqi interim prime minister Allawi visited our country (halfyear chair of the EU) in traditional clothes and a few day later

  2. allawi in the hizzy

    Update: Matt Yglesias weighs in. I definitely knew something was up with Allawi. I knew that he had to have been appointed by Rumsfeld or Bush or some other political dude. In response to Mark A. R. Kleiman, no, there…

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