If revealing Plame’s identity was a crime (as GWB said it was) and if he promised to fire anyone in his administration who “violated law,” then didn’t he promise to fire whoeve revealed Plame’s idenity? So what’s Karl Rove doing still having a job, let alone a Top Secret Clearance?

George W. Bush said that revealing Valerie Plame’s identity was “a criminal action.”

And George W. Bush said that whoever had committed a crime in connection with that affair would be fired.

But Tom Maguire — who is often capable of logical thought — thinks it just terribly unfair of the Democrats to say that George W. Bush promised to fire whoever revealed Valerie Plame’s identity, or to expect him to carry through on that commitment when the culprit turned out to be his very own brain, Karl Rove.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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