Prosecution, please.

Assault and battery against a Democratic tracker by someone who seems to be a Missouri Republican party official.

Looks like assault and battery to me. And the perp even waves into the camera.

The victim is a Democratic tracker at a Missouri Republican rally. [Update: Turns out to have been a rally for the Republican candidate for governor. Apparently the victim was eventually pushed to the ground.]The assailant is wearing what seems to be a Missouri Republican Party lapel pin. Given his behavior, I can only call his failure to wear an American Flag lapel pin an act of unwonted patriotism.

Yes, Glenn, we said that if Bush were re-elected, we’d see opponents of the ruling party openly assulted on public property. And we were right!

Footnote “Trackers” are people who videotape opposition rallies, hoping to capture a “macaca” moment. Perfectly lawful activity. A&B, of course, isn’t.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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