President discovers opponents are Republicans

Steve Benen :

His [Barack Obama´s] tone was defiant and unflinching. He used the word “Republican” 10 times, usually in a negative and critical context. It’s as if the president was actually sincere about his bipartisan outreach, and felt personally insulted by the Republicans’ games.

Are the Washington Democrats belatedly about to join the John Paul Jones / Genghis Khan / Conan the Barbarian party?

Author: James Wimberley

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4 thoughts on “President discovers opponents are Republicans”

  1. Barack Obama, surrounded by a bunch of half-wit Thulsa Dooms and doesn't have a clue about what to do.

  2. "What is good in life, Rahm?"

    "To compromise your moral principles, surrender any effective policies, and hear the lamentations of your base."

  3. I can't locate the exact quote, but IIRC Calvin Trillin once wrote about Bill Clinton something like, "Upon assuming office, he seemed to be surprised that some people disagreed with his ideas." Obama may have had the same problem. If so, I'm glad he's getting over it.

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