Police Activity in Bozeman Montana

I am in Bozeman, MT.   While I miss LA, this might be the right place for me .   I have greatly enjoyed my time as a Visiting Fellow at PERC.  Part of the fun is the morning newspaper.  Given Prof. Kleiman’s interest in crime, I’m hoping he will take a close look at this set of reports.     I know that the RBC focuses on serious topics but some of you must admit that this is funny?

The Bozeman Police Department reports:

  • Two women in “nasty swimsuits” were trying to get into a bar on North Rouse Avenue just after midnight. The caller, an employee, called the women “zombies.” She said the women were “scantily clad and not welcome at the business.” Police arrested one of the women on a warrant.
  • A 17-year-old man was cited and released at the Gallatin Valley Mall for stealing a shot glass from a store.
  • Lifeguards at the Bogert Park pool asked police to get a man to leave after he was rude and confrontational.
  • A man called a woman to get drugs. He had the wrong number. He was “obscene” to the woman.
  • Someone closed off West Babcock Street with signs meant for another street.
  • Officers advised people to keep the noise down at a birthday party that had started Saturday night and was still going around noon Sunday.
  • A caller saw his cat sitting in the window of a neighbor’s home upon returning home around 2 p.m. The cat was outside when the man left home.
  • A man was holding a sign outside Walmart that read, “Why lie, I’m looking for a joint.”

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office reports for Monday included the following:

  • Cows were on Round Mountain Road.
  • A woman on Paradise Vista Road told deputies a driver was parked outside her home during the early morning hours.
  • A woman on River Rock Road arrived home and found her 16-year-old daughter and her friends drinking alcohol.

Author: Matthew E. Kahn

Professor of Economics at UCLA.

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  1. When I lived in Concord, Massachusetts – where I never locked my doors the whole nearly ten years I was there – one of my favorite pursuits was reading the crime report in the weekly paper. Not only is a lot of this stuff really funny, the people who write the column often have a wickedly understated style – it’s really an art. One of my favorites was the woman who called the police to report that while she had been out, somebody had broken into her house and moved her cat.

  2. Bozeman is a beautiful place. Great cross-country skiing, couple of hours from Yellowstone. Can’t say I miss 30 below or snow up to my waist on Easter morning though.

  3. Shorter Matthew Kahn:

    Look at the yokels. How quaint.

    Professor Kahn obviously has not seen the result of a collision between a vehicle moving at 60 mph and a stationary animal weighing upwards of 1500 pounds. It’s not amusing. I would have thought that even an economist understood simple Newtonian physics.

    As for the woman on Paradise Vista Road, given that the professor omitted this report from the same article:

    A 25-year-old Bozeman man was arrested for partner-family-member assault after threatening a woman with a sword.

    And, given that domestic violence is every bit as prevalent in rural areas as in Westwood, maybe even more so, isn’t it possible that the woman on Paradise Vista Road had a good reason to be frightened enough to call the sheriff?

  4. Noooo.


    Western Montana is being ruined because everyone keeps moving here. Just come to visit and spend a lil money, k?

  5. PERC eh? Those are the guys who described buffalo as pollutants whenever they left Yellowstone in their book “Free Market Environmentalism.”

    That explains a lot.

  6. @jm, lighten up a bit! I, too (and I bet an awful lot of us) get a grin, or even a giggle out of the police reports in small-town newspapers when we happen to be visiting a town that publishes them, and it most surely has nothing to do with looking down on the ‘yokels.’ We all know that there would be equally amusing incidents in any suburb or city, but the volume of activity simply precludes the newspapers in most larger areas from including police reports. Of course serious things happen everywhere, but that hasn’t anything to do with getting a kick out of a report of someone ‘breaking in and moving a cat!’

  7. I didn’t comment about the cat, or about the the guy at the Walmart, which I, too, found funny.

    The inclusion of the second of the two reports I did comment about reflects a lack understanding on the part of Professor Kahn and illustrates, at the very least, a condescending view of the rubes. (But then, I am a rube, so what do I know?) What’s amusing about a woman frightened enough by someone lurking outside her home that she felt it necessary to call the sheriff? Kahn omitted the report about the man threatening his partner with a sword for the presumably obvious reason that it isn’t funny. Why did he include the one about the woman on Paradise Vista Road? Is it funny because a case of perceived danger merits publication in a rural paper when it would barely receive any notice at all, published or otherwise, in Kahn’s neighborhood. Silly woman, people lurk in their cars all the time in LA and hardly any of us get killed. Sorry, laughing at someone’s fear, particularly when that person is relatively powerless, marks the one laughing as an assh0le.

    And about the cows, in rural areas loose livestock are a nuisance at best and a very real hazard at worst. Obviously, you haven’t seen the result of a collision between a vehicle moving at 60 mph and a stationary animal weighing upwards of 1500 pounds either. The potential for such an incident isn’t a laughing matter. I know two people who have struck wandering cows at night when visibility was poor. One was hurt badly enough to require a doctor visit the following day and both had substantial and costly damage done to their cars. In each case the cow had to be put down representing a significant loss to the ranchers. I once came across an accident involving a semi truck hauling a flatbed load of building materials and a full grown bull about half an hour after it occurred. Think about it, you have 80,000 pounds of loaded truck moving down the highway at 60 mph hitting a stationary object weighing over one ton. Hahahahaha. The bull, dead of course, ended up where the steering axle of cab-over tractor ought to have been. (Bulls are expensive animals. Let’s hope its owner was insured because not only did he or she lose the source of subsequent years’ herd, he or she was also legally liable for all the resulting damage.) The truck’s steering axle was about four or five feet farther back under the cab, effectively rendering a $75,000 vehicle into scrap, albeit readily salable scrap. The driver was sent to the hospital in serious condition with broken ribs and internal injuries. The load ended up all over the highway. Yeah, let’s laugh at the yokels for whom loose livestock is a reportable occurrence worthy of a newspaper report. (But then, I am a yokel, so what do I know?) While Kahn’s inclusion of the loose cows is nowhere near as egregiously stupid as the one involving the woman on Paradise Vista Road, it displays an utter lack of imagination as to why a report of cows on a road (even an after-the-fact report since who knows when the fence will be fixed) might be important to people who use that road.

  8. ProRev used to link to and quote from the Arcata police blotter. Funniest. Thing. Evarrr. Not sure if it is still going.

    And as I check upthread to make sure I’m not duplicating, I see joel hanes beat me to it. So what joel said.

  9. I just want to know the basis for the claim, stated on that execrable organization’s website, that Kahn, pronounced “con” presumably, is an “expert” on climate change.

    Is there even one plausible expert in atmospheric chemistry or thermodynamics in the entire galaxy who would defer to Mr. Kahn’s “expertise” in anything, much less climate change?

    Serious question. I grant that Kahn has climbed the greasy pole of academy in the metaphysical spiritualism that calls itself the ” dismal science” in an effort to slip in the suggestion that the seances and entrails gazing has a relationship to science, but if Kahn is an “expert” in climate change then Glenn Beck is an expert on both US and World History and Lindsey Lohan is an expert on good career moves.

  10. Exaggerated hypersensitivity is a deeply obnoxious trait in anyone. It made the PC brigade unsufferable, and it doesn’t wear any better from rural conservatives.

    Actually, it’s even more annoying from them – because, unlike the powerless far left wingers, white people from rural areas get to spend a lot of time talking about how they are the real Americans, and they actually have substantial political, economic, and social power.

  11. Where’s the exaggeration? Is anger you disagree with always hypersensitivity? And what in my comments led you to think I’m conservative? Are all rural people conservatives, or white for that matter?

    What’s truly annoying is condescension from people who appear to know nothing of rural life.

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