Phil Carter in Sherman Oaks Tuesday night at 7:30

“Hard or Hopeless? The Road Ahead in Iraq”
7:30 at the Natural Gourmet.

Phil Carter of Intel Dump fame will be giving a talk this Tuesday evening (the 18th) at a dinner organized by the Four-Star Democratic Club.

Click through to sign up on line: it starts at 7:30 at The Natural Gourmet, 5242 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks 91401. For $30 you get what I’m told is a good dinner, plus enough wisdom to last you for months. For $40 you get to join the club and help remind Democrats that being against the occupation of Iraq isn’t a comprehensive national security policy.

Phil, who spent a year in Buqubah as an Army Captain helping the locals develop a law enforcement and court system, has chosen as his title “Hard or Hopeless? The Road Ahead in Iraq.”

Author: Mark Kleiman

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