Looks as if Abramoff shuffled millions from Russian oil & gas interests into a phony charity that had Tom DeLay’s wife on its payroll. What she didn’t siphon off got siphoned off by various GOP operatives or went to pay for “independent expenditure” campaign ads.

Russian money in DeLay’s pocket, courtesy of Abramoff? DeLay as Majority Leader carrying water for the Russian government?

With Putin busy re-establishing a dictatorship in Russia and threatening the independence of the countries that broke away from the Soviet Union, I don’t think this will play well, either with independents or with the Republican base.

And with Abramoff reportedly set to sing like a canary, we’re likely to learn lots of juicy details. (Hat tip: Fired-Up America, Crooks and Liars)

It’s well past time to break the “ethics truce” and demand hearings on a resolution of expulsion.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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