N. Denying paychecks to soldiers in the field in order to please your political base.

This has been another entry from the Republican Dictionary.

If the Republicans don’t get their way about denying women reproductive choice and fouling the air, they’re willing to let the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan miss their paychecks. Yes, the pay will be accrued, waiting for the soldiers whenever the Republicans decide to grow up. But in the meantime, rent checks will bounce, credit card payments will be missed, bank fees will pile up, and utilities will be cut off.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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11 thoughts on “Patriotism”

  1. But the Republicans floated this latest proposal to fund the gov for 1 week, and the military for the rest of the FY.

    Which I think of course the Dems shouldn’t accept, but the R’s will try to counter points like yours with this.

    One of the reasons Dems are boxed in, though, is that they’re unwilling to challenge the idea that the rathole of military spending is sacrosanct.

  2. The California delegation could inform the rest of Congress that shutdowns, delayed paychecks and whatnot are really quite manageable once you get a little practice.

  3. Equally, “If the Democrats don’t get their way about forcing those opposed to abortion to be complicit in it, and implementing rejected treaties by regulatory fiat, they’re willing to let the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan miss their paychecks.”

    You don’t get a crash in a game of chicken without two people at fault.

  4. The principle reason that the Democrats are boxed in, is because they chose to be boxed in. Let’s not forget that the Democrats, with solid Congressional majorities, chose not to enact appropriations for this fiscal year, precisely so they could “lose” this game of kabuki chicken with the Republicans.

    When you realize this, you stop cheering for either team, knowing that both teams report to the same ownership, and that ownership is not the mass electorate. Basically, you start cheering for a crash, as crazy as that is, because the basic unworkability of the plutocratic/kleptocratic agenda is the only ally democracy and reason has, in this kind of politics.

  5. Brett says, “…forcing those opposed to abortion to be complicit in it…”

    I never get while abortion foes are the only ones who get to complain about being “complicit.” If I complain that the Republicans are forcing me to be complicit in the destruction of the planet which I oppose, will you sympathize with me? I’m guessing not.

  6. To make that clear, the thing I oppose is the destruction of the planet, not the planet itself.

  7. Will actually Brett makes a good point…

    Those opposed to abortion ought not to forced to be complicit in it…
    And those opposed to the death penalty ought not to be forced to play…
    And those opposed to the War in Iraq ought not to be asked to be complicit in it…
    And so on… and on…
    All the way back to Socrates not having to drink that hemlock.

    One ought not to have to do anything…
    Because each of us is an island with no obligations to anybody or anything.
    Ask not for whom the bell toll, as it doesn’t toll for thee….
    Particularly we own no obligations to a democratic state that makes rules we don’t want to be complicit in…

    Yes I am japing.
    Because really Socrates makes these glibertarians look like the spoiled children they are.
    Do you remember his last words?

    Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius; will you remember to pay the debt?

    Not only is Socrates honoring his debt to the state…
    But his private debts as well.

    These glibertarians?
    They’ll take the shot to prevent polio but will bitch about the taxes that funded it fore and aft.
    One can only remix Shakespeare to find the proper scorn they deserve:

    Why, Socrates, he doth bestride the narrow world
    Like a Colossus, and these petty libertarians
    Walk under his huge legs and peep about
    To find themselves dishonorable graves.

  8. “If the Democrats don’t get their way about forcing those opposed to abortion to be complicit in it,…”

    The GOP was quite happy to make me complicit in trillions of dollars of what they wanted.

  9. I hate to break it to you, but military salaries aren’t actually enough to buy anything.

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