Partnership Tax Reform

Terry Cuff is a lawyer whose practice is focused on partnership taxation. He has submitted a long and detailed letter to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig. The letter suggests areas in which partnership tax returns and audits might be improved.

A good deal of Terry’s letter deals with areas that only partnership tax practitioners who are “made men” (or, of course, “made women”) can fully comprehend and appreciate. (As Terry explains on page 32 of his letter “Partnership Tax is Difficult.”) However, Terry offers comments that should be of interest to a more general audience such as:

  • Low Audit Rate Encourages Abuse;
  • Partnerships Are Playgrounds for Abuse;
  • Only 0.4% of Partnerships Are Audited;
  • If You Cheat on Your Taxes, Use a Partnership;
  • Examiners Need Better Pay and Better Support; and
  • The IRS Competes Unfavorably With Private Industry in Recruiting Examiners.

I note that Terry has given me permission to post his letter.

One thought on “Partnership Tax Reform”

  1. It looks lovely. It is really commendable that your friend would volunteer to improve tax collection in this manner. I didn’t quite have time to read it, as it looks very substantial. Perhaps someone should give him an honorary degree for that, though I expect he already has a bunch.

    I hope he at least gets a real response!

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