Partisan Snark Alert

…as we depart from our normal non-partisan objectivity to point you to John Cole’s collection of titles for the Sarah Palin movie, because they are a stitch.


  • Mooseferatu
  • Driving Miss Crazy
  • The Woman Who Knew Too Little
  • The Iquitarod
  • Citizen Vain

to which I humbly add

  • Mirth of a Nation
  • Halfbaked Alaska

Author: Michael O'Hare

Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley, Michael O'Hare was raised in New York City and trained at Harvard as an architect and structural engineer. Diverted from an honest career designing buildings by the offer of a job in which he could think about anything he wanted to and spend his time with very smart and curious young people, he fell among economists and such like, and continues to benefit from their generosity with on-the-job social science training. He has followed the process and principles of design into "nonphysical environments" such as production processes in organizations, regulation, and information management and published a variety of research in environmental policy, government policy towards the arts, and management, with special interests in energy, facility siting, information and perceptions in public choice and work environments, and policy design. His current research is focused on transportation biofuels and their effects on global land use, food security, and international trade; regulatory policy in the face of scientific uncertainty; and, after a three-decade hiatus, on NIMBY conflicts afflicting high speed rail right-of-way and nuclear waste disposal sites. He is also a regular writer on pedagogy, especially teaching in professional education, and co-edited the "Curriculum and Case Notes" section of the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. Between faculty appointments at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, he was director of policy analysis at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. He has had visiting appointments at Università Bocconi in Milan and the National University of Singapore and teaches regularly in the Goldman School's executive (mid-career) programs. At GSPP, O'Hare has taught a studio course in Program and Policy Design, Arts and Cultural Policy, Public Management, the pedagogy course for graduate student instructors, Quantitative Methods, Environmental Policy, and the introduction to public policy for its undergraduate minor, which he supervises. Generally, he considers himself the school's resident expert in any subject in which there is no such thing as real expertise (a recent project concerned the governance and design of California county fairs), but is secure in the distinction of being the only faculty member with a metal lathe in his basement and a 4×5 Ebony view camera. At the moment, he would rather be making something with his hands than writing this blurb.

21 thoughts on “Partisan Snark Alert”

  1. A Day at the Race-baiting.
    Starburst 80.
    Five Schools for Sister Sarah.

  2. I agree that Mooseferatu and the Iquitarod stand out, however, my runners up would have been “Two Mewls for Sister Sarah” along with “Governor Interrupted” or maybe, “Girl Governor Interrupted.”

  3. I should note that The Aristocrats is already taken, and maybe some of the details therein are the same, too.

  4. Vanity Unfair.
    A propos Michael’s halfbaked Alaska: there used to be an eccentric pop scientist on the BBC who once illustrated the principle of microwave ovens by preparing an inside-out baked Alaska. Apparently (I have not tried this) you hollow out two slabs of ice cream sorbet, freeze them rock hard, fill the hole with meringue glop, stick together, and microwave for a short time. The oils in the egg absorb microwaves faster than the water molecules in the sorbet. He called the concoction a “frozen Florida”.

  5. I give thanks daily to live in a time when such a thing as James’ recipe is possible. Antibiotics, electricity, the wheel…frivolous toys by comparison.

  6. From Russia with Glove
    The Anti-social Network
    The Queen Screech
    Bridges of Nowhere County
    The Louse That Roared
    Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind
    White Thang
    The Clan of the Dumb Bear
    Parallax Due
    The 7% Effort Solution
    Through No Class Darkly
    The Seventh Circus Seal
    Broke-the-Bank Mountain
    Ordinary People Meet Frankenstein
    Unread River
    Faster Pussycat, Shrill! Shrill!
    Fast Crimes at Vasilla High
    No Way In
    In the Name of the Pose
    Sarah’s Sense of Snowjob
    National Lampoon’s Alaska Vacation
    Sick Sense
    Take the Money and Don’t Run
    Some Like It Clod
    Snow Queen Goes to Washington
    Love Of Money Story

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