Palin and rape kits: more “right to life”?

Was Wasilla unwilling to pay for “rape kits” because they include Plan B?

UCLA alum and California Democratic Committeeman Dante Atkins, who diaries at DKos as “hekebolos,” seems to have come up with a sensible theory to explain the otherwise inexplicable refusal of the town of Wasilla under Mayor Palin to pay for “rape kits” for sexual-assault victims. It’s not that the Mayor was afraid of catching rapists; she was just afraid that the victims might be protected from getting pregnant as a result. That’s one of the things it means when you say that “life begins at conception”: protecting the paternity rights of rapists.

It’s in the Republican platform, too.

Maybe if it’s not true Gov. Palin could give a press conference and provide a different answer. Oh, wait …

Author: Mark Kleiman

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