One thumb up, and one in Bill O’Reilly’s eye.

I never manged to get my reaction to Fahrenheit 9-11 written up and posted. I liked it less than anyone I know, except Kevin Drum.

(In a nutshell: I found it less dishonest than a Bush campaign speech, but not honest enough for my taste. Personally, I was more bored and annoyed than amused, though some of the bits were pretty funny. It did raise some questions about the connections between the Bushes on the one hand and the bin Ladens and the banu Saud on the other that the mainstream press still refuses to cover, and that I think would properly bother lots and lots of otherwise pro-Bush voters. I’m looking forward to the TV ads.)

Having seen Outfoxed at one of the previews, I liked it infinitely better than I did F 9/11. It’s over the top in places, and it has a fairly silly ending about popular action to hold hte media accountable, but it’s an excellent piece of media criticism, relentlessly documented, and I found it gripping despite its overreliance on a few talking heads. Bill O’Reilly in particular gets the takedown he has long deserved.

See it.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. Outfoxed

    I was invited to a MoveOn Party last night which showed the documentary Outfoxed. I'd never been to a MoveOn event before, because I'm not predisposed to like their point of view. However, I've had some problems with the coverage…

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