Optimism from Bangladesh

In the comments section two weeks ago, we had a discussion about the future of Bangladesh in the face of climate change induced natural disasters.  Today, the NY Times offers an optimistic assessment about some positive trends taking place there.   Economic development will only further this effort.

For those inclined to read about free market environmentalism, I have published my $2 book on Amazon. I promise this is the last time I will plug: Fundamentals of Environmental Economics.  I’ve sold 49 copies so I’ve just about broken even here!


Author: Matthew E. Kahn

Professor of Economics at UCLA.

3 thoughts on “Optimism from Bangladesh”

  1. Matthew (and everybody else. too)–I need some advice. Matthew, I’d like very much to read your new book (and your last one, as well), but I don’t have a Kindle and you haven’t published in paper yet (maybe later, maybe not).

    I am happy with my PC and my iPhone, and I have never felt motivated to buy any more devices. Now, though, there are titles available online for a couple of bucks that would cost more in paper, and would take up room on my limited shelf space, and (worst of all) are not even available in paper. So here is the advice I need:

    Can anybody tell me of successes and/or frustrations using a free Kindle-reader software on a PC. I looked at the Amazon site and their Kindle for PC software seems like it would be just fine for old farts like me. Am I missing some major shortcoming?

    1. I’ve used the Kindle PC app and it works Okay. However I generally just read books within the browser saving the trouble of downloading and running the app. The PC app works for Kindle format books from sources other than Amazon.

  2. Matthew

    More cycone shelters is good. But you might want to think about what happens when rising seas cause soil and wells to become salty (as is already happening along the coast). Hurricanes one can adapt to. Loss of soil fertility less so.

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