Only in (politically tribalized) America

The Associated Press reports that Sen. Richard Burr would vote for a Democrat rather than Donald Trump: that is, that Burr is patriotic and not entirely insane.

Burr promptly denies the report and demands a retraction.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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One thought on “Only in (politically tribalized) America”

  1. Nothing will induce these guys to speak out against someone who could become president and who would have the power (and exercise it) to exact revenge against his growing list of enemies.

    Nothing Trump says or does will turn away his supporters. It would be fun to see him walk across the stage at the next debate, reach down the front of Carly Fiorina’s dress, and shout, “What we need is more cleavage here and less cleavage in the Republican Party!” His true believers would love it and all of his politically correct detractors could cluck their pathetic heads off.

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