Obstruction of justice?

The U.S. Attorney for San Diego, who broke the Duke Cunningham scandal, is being fired. Not a good move, if the Democrats in Congress understand their oversight role.

It looks to me as if BushCo hasn’t fully adjusted to the fact that there was stuff it could get away with when it had a lapdog Republican Congress that it can’t get away with now.

Firing the U.S. Attorney who broke the Duke Cunningham case, for example. When the FBI Special Agent in Charge blames the decision on “politics” says that her continued presence is “crucial to the success of multiple ongoing investigations,” and that the move will be “a huge loss,” the oversight hearings practically run themselves, especially if Lam refuses to resign and makes GWB fire her.

Mr. Leahy? Mr. Conyers?

Footnote I wonder how the Porkbusters will react to this.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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