Obama’s proposed Iranian deal

No nukes, no regime change. Sounds about right to me.

I wonder how long the “Obama is running an excessively cautious campaign” meme will survive moves like this one? Too long, I suspect.

From Jeff Zeleny’s interview with Obama in Friday’s NYT, in response to a question about Iran:

We are willing to talk about certain assurances in the context of them showing some good faith. I think it is important for us to send a signal that we are not hell bent on regime change, just for the sake of regime change, but expect changes in behavior and there are both carrots and there are sticks available to them for those changes in behavior.

The press, including most bloggers, loves a narrative, and is very reluctant to give it up even when it fails to fit the facts. So the candidate who favors raising the cap on payroll taxes (fixing the most regressive part of the federal tax system by taking money out of the pockets of his supporters and contributors), an auction-permit system for carbon emissions (equivalent to a tax on energy), and negotiations with Iran offering a no-regime-change pledge in return for better behavior on supporting terrorists and acquiring nukes, will have a very hard time shaking the “cautious” label, now that it’s been pinned to him.

Update Looks as if Obama has HRC backpedaling on her Iranian vote. Raising the ante, Obama just filed a resolution declaring that GWB is not authorized to invade Iran.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. Obama the Bold?

    OBAMA THE BOLD?….I'm not really in favor of raising the cap on payroll tax unless the increase is scheduled to start at least ten years in the future. That caveat aside, Mark Kleiman makes a decent case that it's time…

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