Obama asks for Gustav help

Get out those credit cards.

First test of whether the Obama email list is a substantial civil-society asset or not. The campaign sent out an email signed “Barack” asking the donor/supporter list to give to the American Red Cross, and the request is also top center on the main campaign webpage.

I can’t figure out whether the click-through somehow tells the Red Cross that the donor was referred by Obama, so I simply made my contribution “In Honor of” Barack Obama. (There’s a check-box on the donation form. You’ll want the mailing address: Obama for America, P.O. Box 8102, Chicago, IL 60680)

Seems to me that if you gave to Obama, giving the $10 that’s the minimum on-line Red Cross donation is an obvious decision. How much more than that to give is less obvious; maybe you prefer another relief group or have other priorities for your charitable giving. But this is a pretty minimal request from Obama; if we think the guy’s a leader, then we ought to be willing to follow.

I’m also on the McCain list, which averages one or two emails a day. So far, no similar request from that quarter.

Update I just read that the campaign also sent out text messages, asking supporters to make $5 contributions by return text.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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