O Pollkatz,
    thou shouldst be blogging at this hour!

Some encouraging trends (unless you’re George Bush) in the President’s job-approval figures.

Prof. Pollkatz is no longer maintaining his poll of polls, which is too bad considering how eagerly he was waiting for the Bush “disapprove” line to finally cross the “approve” line, as it has this month.

But Steve Ruggles contributes this graph of the approval numbers. Meanwhile, David Finley at Hearts and Minds has not only a graph but an analysis.

What would really have me sweating if I were Karl Rove is that Bush’s personal favorable/unfavorable numbers — which, in a pattern opposite to Bill Clinton’s, have always been above his job performance — have now dropped to 46-46.

Of course, just as Bush’s sky-high ratings post 9-11 were largely situational rather than personal, he’s certainly taking a hit today from the mess in Iraq. If it gets better, so will his numbers. But it does seem that the voters are refiguring their judgment of his character, not just his job performance. And right now I’m not betting on better news from Iraq.

Update Two readers point me to Radio Free Monkey, which has a nice spread of graphs.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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