NPR frames itself

NPR stokes the liberal-bias canard.

I don’t buy the “NPR is Fox News for liberals” line, but they don’t have to invite such blather. On “Day to Day,” George Lakoff talks about Clinton’s and McCain’s claims that they misspoke (sniper fire and Al Qaeda, respectively), and says about the latter that, if he believes what he says, “he’s deluded and should never be president.” Lakoff is identified as a professor of linguistics at Berkeley and, at the end of the piece, as a fellow at the Rockridge Institute. Both of which are true, but does one listener in a thousand know what Rockridge is?

It might be relevant to mention that he has advised the Democratic Party, the Dean and Kerry campaigns, and (I don’t know what his current status is). He’s as hyperpartisan a professor as you’ll find outside Bob Jones U, and a certified Obamaniac. Which is his right, but he’s hardly speaking as a disinterested linguist.