Now that Sen. Stevens is a convicted felon …

… what does Gov. Palin have to say about their long political association? Does she support him for re-election? So far, she hasn’t been willing to say.

… what does Gov. Palin have to say about the man who made a commercial for her when she ran for Governor two short years ago? At latest report, she hadn’t decided whether to endorse this notorious porkmeister and crook for re-election or not, in what would have been (had he been acquitted) a close race.

Palin’s only post-conviction comment was that she was “confident that Senator Stevens will do what’s right for the people of Alaska.” That was after Stevens proclaimed his innocence and declared that he was still a candidate for re-election. She ignored reporters’ questions about whether she would vote for her old mentor.

Now that’s what I call a maverick reformer.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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