Look, I know that getting anywhere near a polling place where you might have to vote for either Davis or Simon is a pretty nauseating prospect. But it’s your civic duty to go and vote against these two propositions. 49 is about after-school programs, and it’s supported by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Teachers Association. If that isn’t enough to make you vote against it, see this from the League of Women Voters.

Prop. 51 is even more disgusting. It pretends to be about safe transportation. It’s actually a pretty little racket cooked up by a campaign consultant, who solicited a bunch of money from people with financial interests in specific projects and bundled them together as a proposition.

After we finish recalling the crooked governor we’re about to re-elect, how about a nice constitutional convention? I think California’s ship of state needs its barnacles scraped. (Okay, okay, we can keel-haul Davis first.)

Author: Mark Kleiman

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