Not Bad for a Start

The Newsweek poll [*] has Clark out front among the Democrats, though they’re tightly bunched: Clark 14, Dean 12, Lieberman 12, Kerry 10, Gephardt 8. Newsweek also has Clark within four points of Bush, 47-43 with 10% undecided. Kerry trails by five, which on a sample this small is virtually an identical result, but Dean is still down by fourteen, 52-38.

Pollingreport gives some numbers from the same poll not in the Newsweek story: Al Gore actually does slightly better than Clark, trailing only 48-45. [*] Given Gore’s relentlessly negative press, that strikes me as an astonishing result, and not a healthy sign for Bush if Clark proves to be a credible candidate. When asked, “In general, would you like to see George W. Bush reelected to another term as president, or not?” the noes had it 50-44.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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