Not all Bahdadis agree with Salam Pax

Eugene Volokh links to this PBS interview with NY Times reporter John Burns, in which he reports that some residents of Baghdad tell him they’re so tired of their current regime they would welcome being liberated militarily.

[As noted here previously, “Salam Pax,” blogging from Baghdad, shares the dislike of the Ba’athist regime but not the desire to be bombed into freedom. Moreover, “Salam” reports knowing no one who agrees with the people Burns talked with. Maybe the current situation is rougher on poor folks than it is on people who know English and have weblogs.]

Footnote PBS and the New York Times are the two favorite whipping-boys of those who are still flogging the idea of liberal bias in the media. Think about this story next time that question comes up.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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