Not a robot? Could have fooled me

Patrick Appel thinks Democrats should be worried by Paul Ryan’s oratorical skills. Seems to me like a string of tired sound-bites – mostly lies – with a junior-high-school-level delivery that consistently puts the accent on the wrong sylLAble. So far, I’m not losing any sleep.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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4 thoughts on “Not a robot? Could have fooled me”

  1. Mark, I had precisely the same response as you. Ryan’s oration skills seem very much like a talented high school junior running for class vice-president.

    Nonetheless, all of the joyful cheering from the Dems about their good fortune has me worried, for two reasons. 1) If we portray things too much as a slam-dunk, people will say on election day “we’ve got this in the bag, so I don’t need to go to the polls,” and 2) Ryan just may have talents we haven’t seen or noticed–by all evidence, he’s far smarter and more capable than Palin. And his politics (if the Ryan Plan is anything to go by) imply that he’s willing to be a bit ruthless and cruel.

    You’ll remember that in the couple of days after Palin was picked, McCain went up in the polls and Democrats started to panic. I’m wary of these initial gut reactions, because they’re so frequently wrong. I’d prefer that the Dems at least pretended that Ryan was a challenging contender, and became aggressive with their opposition research and pressure on him, rather than assuming Ryan’s a terrible VP pick.

  2. Ryan’s a nasty little piece of work and clearly believes he’s got a big, swinging dick. Well, he’s already fallen over that dick a couple of times, his budget is so toxic that Romney ran away from it on the same day that he picked him – and both of Plutocrats R Us have very thin skins. I think that it’s fairly easy to divide and conquer Romney and Ryan, provided we keep calm and drive the knife home when we have the chance.

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