No moral equivalence here

The Democrats have voted to strip William Jefferson of his seat on Ways & Means. The Republican crooks not in jail are still in power.

The Democratic Caucus voted to strip William Jefferson of his seat on Ways & Means. And several Congressional Black Caucus members did the right thing.

That’s more than the Republicans have done with any of their crooks. Cunningham left when he pleaded guilty. DeLay quit to try to keep his seat in Republican hands. Lewis, Hastert, Ney, and Pombo remain in good standing.

Bipartisan corruption? I don’t think so.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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7 thoughts on “No moral equivalence here”

  1. What frustrates me about that NYT piece is that it portrays the CBC as taking Jefferson's side, without mentioning the IMPORTANT EXCEPTIONS who listened to their conscience and voted to remove him from Ways & Means.
    But then, you can't expect blacks to elevate principle above racial solidarity, now, can you? Not like those high-minded conservatives.

  2. Right. But the trouble is, as others have pointed out, we may be doing the right thing but we're not talking loudly enough about having done so. The left — or at least the Democratic Party — is so out-shouted that I'll be quite surprised if we do well in November. Wussiness (in spite of a lot of really smart bloggers on their side) will get Dems nowhere. It's beginning to look as though Party leadership doesn't want us to get anywhere.

  3. Denny Hastert for his real estate shenanigans / see AmericaBlog
    or the Chicago Tribune

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