No Christianist votes for Rudy or Newt?

That’s what Southern Baptist bigwig Richard Land says. I hope he’s right.

Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission says Giuliani and Gingrich’s marital difficulties make them non-starters in competing for the hard-core “Christian” vote, even in a general election against Hillary Clinton.

Interesting, if true, and encouraging in terms of Democratic hopes of taking back the White House. I’d be a little bit surprised, though. In Rudy’s case, his personal issues will tend to reinforce Religious Right concerns about some of his political stances (from which he’s hastily backing away). And maybe Gingrich’s poorly-concealed Social Darwinist streak will hurt him. But my sense is that denouncing sin and sinners is much more important to those folks than not actually sinning.

Of course, if Land is saying what he believes, his opinion is worth a thousand of mine. But he could just be plumping for Huckabee and Brownback.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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