NH Democratic debate

If this was HRC’s last chance to pop Obama’s balloon, I think she just blew it.

I’m hardly an unbiased observer, but it doesn’t seem to me as if HRC is doing herself any good or Obama any harm. So far, Obama looks like the grown-up at the table, and the one with the detailed grasp of complicated foreign policy issues. Clinton made her attack on Obama, and it looked to me as if it mostly bounced off even before Obama’s smooth, persuasive response. And then Edwards climbed all over Clinton as the agent of the status quo, providing further protection for Obama. If this was indeed her last chance to stop Obama, looks to me as if she just blew it.

Footnote I’m not sure why ABC News thought it important to start every segment of the debate with a video segment embodying a Republican talking-point, or why Gibson thought it his place to reinforce those talking-points in direct debate with the candidates. I missed the Republican debate. Was there anything similar?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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