New frontiers in civility

From the first Republican campaign ad of the new season:

“Some are now attacking the president for attacking the terrorists.”

Just one question: Who, precisely, has been attacking the President for attacking the terrorists? I can think of several people, including Wesley Clark, who have been attacking the President for failing to attack the terrorists and conquering Iraq instead, and I can think of a bunch of libertarians and others who have been attacking the President for attacking civil liberty and the principles of constitutional government in the name of attackign terrorists, but I can’t think of anyone to the right of Noam Chomsky who actually disapproves of attacking terrorists.

As I’ve noted before, in wartime false accusations of disloyalty are profoundly unpatriotic. That’s one difference between GWB and FDR: once WWII had started, FDR never tried to suggest that his Republican opponents, even those who voted against all of his pre-war measures, were pro-Hitler.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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