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A slow Sunday at RBC, so I will pass along a trivia question based on something I learnt the other day.

I recently recommended the film noir Too Late for Tears, in which appeared Arthur Kennedy. Today he may be best remembered for playing the Lowell Thomas character in Lawrence of Arabia, but he for decades gave good performances in films and on stage without ever becoming a classic leading man.

Anyway, I found out yesterday that this talented actor shares a particular distinction with Claude Rains. Without googling, what is it?

Answer after the jump. Hint: It makes them both markedly different from Walter Brennan.

Both Kennedy and Rains endured the frustration of being nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar four times and never winning. Brennan was also nominated four times, but took home the Academy Award three times.

Author: Keith Humphreys

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  1. Each had at least three Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominations without a win, unlike Walter Brennan who won three of the first five Best Supporting Actor nominations.

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