Motes-and-beams dep’t

McCain’s consigliere lobbied for Iranian agent Ahmed Chalabi. And McCain criticizes Obama for just offering to talk to Iran?

McCain consigliere and top-drawer Washington lobbyist Charlie Black thinks that Barack Obama’s willingness to talk with the Iranian government shows that he’s naive and incapable of defending the country.

Black, of course, has been a long-time ally of Ahmed Chalabi, who turns out to be an Iranian agent (not that we didn’t more or less know that already) as well as a general-purpose crook. Chalabi is the guy who provided all the false intel about Saddam Hussein and WMD as a way of getting the US to act as his cat’s-paw, and bragged about it later.

Update Marc Ambidner reports that the lobbyists for foreign interests who run the McCain campaign have decided to ask the other people working for the McCain campaign about their lobbying and foreign-agent activities. But he speculates that this comes too late to prevent damage to the McCain brand.

Ya think?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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