More voter registration fraud

Now it’s in Oregan, too. Same outfit.

The Oregon Attorney General has started an investigation into possible voter registration fraud by the same RNC-funded outfit that just decamped suddenly from Oregon. The head of the outfit is the former Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party. Oh, and it turns out that America Votes is a Democratic-leaning registration group, and the RNC-funded fraudsters were pretending to be from America Votes.

Update: This turns out to be nationwide.

Second update: And here’s another one from West Virginia: calls raced to GOP HQ telling Democrats, falsely, that they weren’t registered to vote. [Hat tip: Informed Public.]

Attorney General Spitzer is going to have a gay old time with this stuff.

[An earlier post has my moderate and restrained thoughts on the approprite way to deal with problems of this sort.]

Author: Mark Kleiman

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