More stuff I never knew
    ’till I read it on Instapundit

If you criticize Halliburton for war profiteering and fraudulent billing in Iraq, then you’re disrespecting the employees of another contractor killed in Fallujah.

That’s my translation, of course. Here’s the text, in the original Peglerian Newspeak:

It’s worth emphasizing that the four victims were civilians working for an American company … Like America’s soldiers, these civilians are putting their lives on the line to enhance America’s security and help build a better Iraq.

John Kerry and other Democrats have been vilifying American contractors in Iraq, especially Halliburton. This seems a fitting time to point out what a despicable bit of demagoguery this is.

Instapundit is quoting James Taranto at Opinion Journal.

Taranto thinks that just after four people get killed is a “good time” for a vicious, dishonest partisan attack, and Glenn Reynolds obviously agrees. Of course, for them almost any time is a good time for a vicious, dishonest partisan attack.


Author: Mark Kleiman

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    ’till I read it on Instapundit”

  1. Ruminations

    What Mark said: Here and here. This is truly asinine as Greg from The Talent Show, Jesse and Ezra from Pandagon and Joe from Apathy, Inc. all have noted. If nothing else it inspired me to write a haiku and

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