More praise for Hillary Clinton

Hillary has kind words for the man who called her daughter an ugly bastard. Truly, she must be a saint!

Boy, am I outdoing myself in magnanimity today! Here’s a second time I get to say something nice about Hillary Clinton. Not only is she consistent (in not criticizing bigot Pastor John Hagee after slyly promoting bigotry herself) but she’s generous of spirit, even across the partisan divide.

As “Devilstower” of DailyKos points out, Hillary is prepared, like a true Christian, to forgive those who have trespassed against her. Back when Hillary’s daughter Chelsea was still a teenager, John McCain told a “joke” about how Chelsea was an ugly bastard.

A normal human being might have resented that. Not HRC, though; Hillary calls John McCain her good friend.

The patience of a saint!

Author: Mark Kleiman

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