More on Romney’s Jeep lie

Tomasky: “f-you dishonesty.” WaPo: four Pinocchios. Local press: mostly waffle.

Michael Tomasky on “f-you dishonesty.”

And yet another well-deserved Four Pinocchios.

On the other hand, the Toledo Blade and Columbus Dispatch both provide the sort of he-said, she-said coverage that treats the lie and its refutation as equally dignified “points of view.” That’s all the incentive a liar needs to keep on lying.

The basic fact that Romney wants to obfuscate is that he would have let the auto industry slide into liquidation when Obama decided to bail it out. He doesn’t need to win the argument: just to fuzz it up enough to weaken the bailout as a voting issue in Ohio.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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4 thoughts on “More on Romney’s Jeep lie”

  1. Thanks Mark.
    Your efforts here on Romney’s final hour putsch, reminds me of a favorite quote:

    It is an affront to treat falsehood with complaisance.”

    Thomas Paine.

  2. Mitt Romney and his campaign have become the quintessential dastardly deed doers! If the American electorate gets hoodwinked by this craven power-monger, once again, we will witness the power of ill-informed low-information voters – the base of voters Mitt hopes will carry him to victory!

  3. As to f-you dishonesty, here is Josh Marshall: ” The Romney camp has been openly teling reporters for months — off the record — that they don’t really care if reporters and pundits say they’re ads aren’t true. They’ll just make it up with bigger ad spends.” Hey, reporters — including you, Josh — shouldn’t this have been leaking on to the record earlier and more frequently?

  4. When lawyers or doctors or even financiers go too far in mendacity, they can be barred from their chosen profession for a term of years or for life. But for politicians there’s no such sanction.

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