More moral clarity from the right fringe

Another little gem courtesy of Roger Ailes, who now joins the blogroll: Wesley Puden, the Rev. Mr. Moon’s tame editor, has some thoughts on the sodomy case now before the Supreme Court, and about a British move to create a legal marriage-substitute available to gay couples. Roger wonders how Andrew Sullivan, with his sharp nose for anything that looks like gay-baiting on the left, feels about writing for a paper whose editor compares his love life to that of people who do it with sheep?

But this raises a broader question. The Washington Times is more or less the official newspaper of Republican Washington, used for Administration leaks, spin, and trial balloons, and actively praised by Republican officials. It’s edited by a bunch of bigots (Robert Stacy McCain, the assistant national editor, is a member of the neo-Confederate League of the South) and owned by a convicted felon with close ties to a foreign intelligence service. Is this really a tolerable situation? Will no Republican speak out against it? And if not, isn’t it time for Democrats to start to make a fuss about it?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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