Mitt Romney, management genius

… can’t even keep his own staff from sliming one another when the going gets tough. The contrast with Obama is instructive.

… can’t even keep his own staff from sliming one another when the going gets tough. Compare Obama after New Hampshire or during the McCain surge in August-September or around the 2010 debacle.

You could be snarky and point out that this is natural in the party of “Every man for himself;” would John Galt be looking out for anybody but #1? But in fact good discipline is at least as rare on the Democratic side. This is personal, and it says a lot about the relative fitness of the two men to be President.

Footnote As Ed Kilgore’s commenter Joe Corso points out, while the behavior of the staffers is a fairly standard version of rats deserting a sinking ship, the behavior of Rove and the rest of SuperPAC operators toward Romney – moving resources downballot – (and he might have mentioned the echoing silence from Republican pols, compared to Red-team pundits, on Romney’s embassy fiasco) presents the rarer case of the entire ship deserting a sinking rat.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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7 thoughts on “Mitt Romney, management genius”

  1. If Willard “Mitt” Romney stood for something, anything, then maybe, just maybe others would be willing to stand with him. But since he blows with the wind, it is hard to see any solid ground under his feet at any one time.

    Look up the word craven in the dictionary, and you may just find a picture of good ol’Mitt!

  2. Romney’s running on his business success right? All about putting the right people in the right place so he can synthesize information from the best possible sources? Then why in the world is the fireable offense in his campaign being gay? Dan Senor’s got a record in politics of 100% failure. Ferhnstrom’s Etch-a-Sketch remarks are dragging down the campaign as long as he’s around. Someone is responsible for the fact that all of the creative planning behind the GOP convention that made it on primetime TV apparently occurred a day or two before the convention. Someone OK’d removing the embargo on Mitt’s stupid Libya response when it was still 9/11, buildings were still on fire, and people were still getting killed. But, nope, the only one who’s been fired is the one who just happened to be gay.

  3. Kleiman: the behavior of Rove and the rest of SuperPAC operators toward Romney – moving resources downballot

    And they got a lot to move.

    In case anybody missed that story written by the woman who slipped past Rove’s filters…
    And got to sit in a room full of R-millionaires and R-billionaires to raise money for R-Money…
    Check out this graf:

    American Crossroads’s total budget, Rove said, was $300 million, with $200 million of it for the presidential race, $70 million for the Senate, and $32 million for the House.

    1. Thanks for the link. This cracked me up:

      The proper strategy, Rove declared, was criticizing Obama without really criticizing him—by reminding voters of what the president said that he was going to do and comparing it to what he’s actually done. “If you keep it focused on the facts and adopt a respectful tone, then they’re gonna agree with you.”

      Heh, facts and respect? Today’s Teapublican party? Knee-slapper!

  4. Please don’t compliment the Republicans by connecting them in any way with the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Neither they, nor you, know that Rand did not countenance in any way the idea of “every man for himself”. She countenanced rational self-interest. Every man for himself was more the province of Herbert Spencer after a misinterpretation of Charles Darwin. Ayn Rand was highly critical of Herbert Spencer for applying the principle of evolution to economic and political matters. Please stop repeating lies you’ve been told and check sources before you pretend to know what Ayn Rand’s philosophy was about.

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