Mitt Romney, comedian

Now he’s criticizing Obama for saying that sex ed should be “science-based.” Isn’t he smart enough to quit while he’s behind?

If Romney had run his business the way he pretends to want to run the country, he could run as what the press would consider an “authentic” advocate for the poor: that is, a pauper.

Not only does Romney believe in age-inappropriate sex education, Romney believes that sex ed should be unscientific as well.

Footnote In the unlikely case there are any RBC readers who are as gullible as Romney hopes they are, it should be noted that “science-based” in Obama’s comment doesn’t mean that we should be teaching kindergartners reproductive biology. (Presumably, whatever we do teach them should be as scientifically accurate as their minds can absorb.)

“Science-based” means that the curricula should be tested scientifically before they’re rolled out. What a concept!

Author: Mark Kleiman

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