“Mission Accomplished” down the Memory Hole

The White House website crops the “Mission Accomplished” banner out of the video of Bush’s carrier-flight-deck speech.


I’ll stop calling these folks “Orwellian” when they stop using Nineteen-Eighty-Four as their operations manual.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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4 thoughts on ““Mission Accomplished” down the Memory Hole”

  1. My first thought was that the bottom of the screen is where you'd expect station identification from the feed would be, and that they were probably blocking that out. Dunno…

  2. I've seen a slashdot guy saying the same thing as "Q," as do commenters at the linked site.

  3. They may or may not have cut it out, but they did choose to broadcast a feed without the "Mission Accomplished" banner, something they have been salivating at making sure the public knew for the longest time. Perhaps the administration is finally seeing that hardly anything was accomplished and are trying to distance themselves from the idea that they thought something ever was.

  4. The video compares videos from two different camera feeds. The backgrounds of the compared videos are totally different. They are so different I can't see how they can be honestly confused as the same feed.

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