Miller cracks

She will testify tomorrow.
What would you give to have the Xanax concession at the White House right now?

Just got off the phone with my sister Kelly, who asked me, “Is Fitzgerald going to indict anyone before we’re all too old to care?”

Ans.: Yes.

Reportedly “Scooter” Libby finally decided to let Judith Miller off the hook. She’s out of jail now, and will testify tomorrow.

And I have to agree with Atrios: this does make the New York Times editorial page look pretty damned silly for arguing back in August that Miller’s stubbornness up to then demonstrated that continuing to hold her would be futile.

Update The Anonymous Liberal has been studying the problem closely and has some new (to me at least) thoughts. The journalistic wall of silence that keeps reporters from questioning other reporters (and editors and publishers) as vigorously as they question public officials other than their favored sources is as much of a disgrace to journalism as the “blue wall of silence” that protects crooked and brutal cops from their honest colleagues is to policing.

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