Mikheil to the Chief

Georgia’s President is re-inaugurated, but who’s that guy with the American flag lapel pin?

One year to the day before President Huckabee’s inauguration, Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili had his second inauguration, kicked off with a thirteen-cannon and subsequent 5000-car-alarm salute. Tbilisi emerged from a three-weeklong deep freeze to welcome presidents, prime ministers, and foreign ministers, and an especially impressive delegation from Kazakhstan that, unaccountably, did not include that country’s sixth-most-famous man.

Saakashvili seems to have weathered the recent crisis fairly unscathed and slightly humbled, but enough so that he’s talking nice to Russia (represented by irascible Marlboro Man FM, Sergei Lavrov). The US has maintained its support for Georgia, nicely reinforced by the new M4s on display in the military parade, but I’m not a good enough Kremlinologist to divine the meaning of sending Carlos Gutierrez to represent President Bush (Colin Powell came for the first inaugural).

Surely you all…anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Yes, you with the iPhone, he is the Secretary of Commerce.

While it was no match for the Shakira concert that a hotel developer put on in December, the dignitaries in attendance were treated to a performance by José Carreras. Bueller? Bueller? Yes, “the other guy.”