Michael Lewis on Obama in office

The President Lewis describes is the candidate I thought I saw four years ago: he’s relentlessly *sane*.

I’m very late to this party, but Tom Levenson at Balloon Juice paused in his devastating Fisking of David Brooks’s latest to point me to Michael Lewis’s Vanity Fair profile of Obama in office. It doesn’t come across as if Lewis intended puffery, but it might be document I’d most like an undecided or wavering voter to read between now and Election Day.

The President Lewis describes is the candidate I thought I saw four years ago: someone relentlessly sane.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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One thought on “Michael Lewis on Obama in office”

  1. Sane, yes. I’ll see you, and raise with “adult.” As in, able and willing to extend the limitless patience necessary for dealing with seriously disordered and emotionally ‘delayed’ children, happenstance in grown up bodies. Not just our quiveringly righteous congresscritters either, but a polity deformed by multiple cultural teratogens, foremost being the entitlements accompanying empire. Obama is an adult, and his ongoing learning curve proves this beyond a doubt to those who know an adult when they see one.

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