Medical Journal: 8/27/18

Angiogram completed. Further detail to follow, but the bottom line is that the result was unexpectedly favorable: no significant arterial blockage, no need for a stent or a bypass. Some cardiomyopathy; should respond well to medication. The heart is unlikely to be a barrier to transplant surgery when I need it.

The procedure itself was time-consuming but not painful: about as bad, I’d say, as having my teeth cleaned. No narcotic, and only 1 mg. of Versed (which I don’t recall feeling subjectively, but the cardiologist says I drowsed off). Ergo, no after-effects; I left home at 7:20, it’s now 4:45, and I’m back home and feeling normal.

The test was done with only about 20 ml. of contrast, where 100 ml. would be typical for an angiogram. That doesn’t guarantee that the kidneys didn’t take a hit (tests are scheduled for Wednesday and next Tuesday) but the odds are much, much better than they would have been. If you were holding your breath –as I was –you can now exhale.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. Excellent. Good luck going forward. Given the trend toward unnecessary procedures, I’d say the no-call on the stent is a very good sign.

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