McCain’s Ferragamos

McCain wears $520 Italian loafers. Obama is an “elitist.”
Go figure.

One of Isabel Wilkinson’s commenters gets it right:

Ferragamo loafers: $520

Dolce & Gabbana blazer: $1,700

Battistoni custom-made shirt: $700

Galliano trousers: $1800

Fooling American voters into believing your opponent is an elitist: PRICELESS

Of course, given McCain’s attitude toward the truth, he’s perfectly capable of denying that he owns the Ferragamos, just as O.J. Simpson denied he’d ever owned the Bruno Maglis there were photos of him wearing. After all, McCain is willing to deny having said things there is videotape of him saying.

Perhaps O.J., while he searches for Nicole’s “real killer,” can be on the lookout for McCain’s “honor.” They seem to inhabit the same alternative reality.

Footnote I have no idea whether the description and price list given for the rest of McCain’s wardrobe are accurate; the Ferragamos are real.

Second footnote Of course James Joyner is right that McCain’s choice of footwear has nothing to do with his fitness for the Presidency. Nor did John Edwards’s haircut. Sauce, goose, gander.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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