McCain finds a loophole in McCain-Feingold

… to let his fat-cat friends give him $70k each instead of the $2300 legal limit.

I see that John McCain, having cheated on the public-funding rules for the primaries, has now figured out a loophole in the McCain-Feingold legislation that will allow his fat-cat friends to give his campaign $70,000 each instead of $2300 each.

I’d like to think that this stunt would make it impossible for McCain to get any media attention (beyond the well-deserved horselaugh) for his complaint that Obama &#8212 tapping a gusher of small-contributions campaign cash &#8212 might back away from accepting public money for the fall. But we’ll have to see about that. After the Bill Ayers flap, I’m starting to doubt that there are any limits on what a Republican can get the media to take seriously.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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