MC Bill, cold chillin’ in Cali

Bill Clinton kicks it old school in Cali.

Bill Clinton’s exhortation to the California superdelegates to “chill out” sounded off key:

“We are going to win this election if we just chill out and let everybody have their say.”

For reals, holmes.

California must flip some switch in the Clintons’ heads:

According to a Clinton supporter, the Governor’s wife, Hillary Clinton, took her husband aside just before a debate and told him: “If Jerry Brown goes off on some wild tangent against you, just remind him he’s from California and what they say out there is chill out . Just tell him to chill out.”

Sure enough, as Mr. Brown started to inveigh against the Clinton civil rights record, Mr. Clinton interrupted cheerfully with “Jerry, chill out! You’re from California—chill out. Cool off a little.” That became the sound bite used on all the evening news shows the next day. Note how Governor Clinton slipped in the definition, “to cool off,” so that non-Californians would understand.

Or maybe he’s just a huge Avril Lavigne fan.