May The Force Be With You

6 thoughts on “May The Force Be With You”

  1. With luck, Americans will be saved from fascism by the fundamental lack of seriousness of even the most extreme white supremacists, and of Trump and Bannon. The leaders won't submit to discipline or hard training like the real Brownshirts or the fictional Imperial stormtroopers. The leaders won't focus on a strategy and are easily distracted by shiny objects.

    1. "Rogue One" suggests that there might be a lot of internal sabotage going on in the Imperial bureaucracy, which would explain some things. I also suspect that routinely choking your high-level subordinates if they give you bad news is not conducive to an organization in which vital information can flow freely and individuals take ownership of collective results.

      1. This always ticks me off. Vader does it and everyone thinks it's cool, I do it and it's a so-called "hostile workplace"

      2. Is non-consensual levitation a separate charge in the Stanford harassment code?

        Keeping your subordinates in abject terror for their lives worked for Ivan, Tamerlane, Stalin and possibly Mao. You need to be prepared to go all the way, no half – measures.

  2. To add to your Darth Vader trivia, the Washington National Cathedral has a grotesque in the form of Vader. The small card they used to introduce it has–of course–that quote.

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