Material assistance to terrorist organizations

Why is the RNC running a jihadist recruiting video?

Abu Aardvark

Anyone involved in analyzing or combating al-Qaeda’s media strategies has to be astounded that the Republican National Committee has financed, produced, distributed on the internet, and aired on US television what is for all intents and purposes an al-Qaeda recruitment video.

Hey, maybe the GOP really does have a Taliban wing.

Kevin Drum is right. Democrats shouldn’t be whining about how “unfair” this ad is; that suggests that it hurts us. Instead we should calmly and joyously stuff it back down the Republicans’ throats. Why are they putting up jihadist recruiting posters as TV spots? Are they proud of the fact that they took their eye off the ball and failed to capture bin Laden?

Maybe GWB should order Ken Mehlman arrested for providing material assistance to terrorists. No doubt a minute or two at the waterboard would lead him to confess the whole plot, and implicate not merely Karl Rove but also Laura Bush and Barney.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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5 thoughts on “Material assistance to terrorist organizations”

  1. I would absolutely love to see the Dems hit back with an ad something like this:
    "Recently, the National Republican Committee created an ad for US television featuring quotes from Osama Bin Laden, to remind us of how dangerous Bin Laden is and that he wants to kill Americans." Cut to a video clip of George Bush (or a graphic of Bush and a sound clip) of him saying that he's "not that concerned" about Bin Laden. Then back to the voice over. "It's been 5 years since Osama Bin Laden attacked America on September 11th, and he's still out there. President Bush has said he's "not that concerned" about him. And yet the Republicans want you to think that it's the Democrats who are weak on national security. Had enough?"

  2. If I were the Democrats I would create a new ad by taking excerpts from this very ad and then intersperse them with regular Americans talking about their fears of continuing with a do-nothing, rubber-stamp, GOP controlled Congress. I think its time for the Democrats to go toe to toe with the GOP with a light hearted…but very pointed "Fear Factor" campaign.
    I just don't think fear can work this time if the Democrats will hit back. Karl Rove has made a career of taking his opponents strengths and turning them into liabilities…and its time someone return the favor. His house of cards is ready to fall.
    See a tongue-in-cheek visual of Karl and the boys singing some of their favorite "Church & State" hymns…here:

  3. It's been 5 years since Osama Bin Laden attacked America on September 11th, and he's still out there.
    The trouble with an ad like that is, they just might catch the sonofabitch before Nov. 7.
    In fact, the conspiracy theory that we know where OBL is & "coulda had him any day" would make the Repub TV ad into a work of brilliance.

  4. Looking at the evening a British Helicopter was downed killing 14 soldiers aboard and the same evining 200 Taliban were announced killed ,all seems media equaliser tactic .in the feild there are no Taliban except what is now being rumoured that some saudi political exiles find it a way to hold themselves in thier money and by some deed because it isnt a deed by Islam or for Musalmans either 'to fight before negotiating'
    Another report shows that Us and Uk are enlisting Afgan Militias that really bear no relation to the major factions namely Ahmed Shah from Sher Khan Province.. Maalik from Eastern Afganistan Mazar E Sharif and Sher Khan from Kandahar Southern afganistan and Dostum from north that is Uzbek ……rest are 41 militias including USa UK Japan korea North west Europeans etc….

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